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These books have been designed with the needs of historical recreation groups in mind. Readers interested in medieval domestic life and the history of children or toys will also find them useful.

India's studies for Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma of Humanities and Master of Letters focused on medieval literature and languages, including Old and Middle English, Old Norse, Old High German and Middle High German. She also speaks modern German, offering the advantage of access to research in that language as well as English. For further information on her books, send an email to aelflaed (at)

For a sample of India's work, see the following articles:

Medieval Toys Book

Ollerenshaw, India, Of Horses, Tops and Flanders Babies: Medieval and Renaisance Toys, Canberra, Privately Published, 2005.

A compendium of written and visual sources and archaeological finds of toys from Europe, spanning the 10th to 16th centuries. The main section is an alphabetical listing of toys by type, including description and history of the items. Additional sections deal with the industry and with the materials used. A table sorts the different types of toy by their historical period. Contains 38 line drawings, 10 pages of black and white plates, construction notes and patterns, extensive annotated bibliography, index. Perfect bound, A5, 100 pages.

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Commonplace Book

Ollerenshaw, India, The Little Boke for Children, Canberra, Privately Published, 2005.

A primer of stories, proverbs and nursery rhymes from the 14th century. Begins with a medieval ABC and Latin prayers, such as were commonly used to teach children their letters. Although their medieval flavour has been preserved, the texts comprising the major part of the work have been translated into modern English for ease of reading. Suitable for older children. The closing chapter includes notes and bibliographic details about each piece. Wire bound, A5, 130 pages.

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