Arts and Sciences Competition Scoring Sheet

Available in PDF format.

This sheet was devised by Crispin Sexi in 2013 for the use in judging arts and sciences competitions in the SCA. This sheet attempts to provide:

This was prompted by my dissatisfaction with a number of scoring sheets and judging rubrics that I have seen and used. Sometimes sheets have five categories because the author felt that there must be five because five is the number, and then some of the categories end up kind of meaning the same thing. Sometimes the scoring has to be added up and then worked through a complicated equation to get a total out of 100 or 50. Sometimes the judging criteria are too restrictive such that a brilliant entry gets low marks because it doesn't satisfy specific criteria.

Note that marking the category of Documentation is about checking whether the information has been provided. The entrant should be able to score full marks in Documentation even if the entry is not at all medieval, was badly made, and was not even very interesting.

I'm not sure that my categories are the best, but I felt they pretty much covered it and I could not think of an extra one or a division within one of the categories that I would like to make. Let me know if you like this scoring sheet or have a suggestion to make it better.

Copyright Jaysen Ollerenshaw 2013. Free use of the scoring sheet is granted for whatever purposes you like and don't worry about attributing me for it.

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