A Sonnet about Sonnets

I went to Antonia di Lorenzo's class on sonnets, in which she informed us about what a sonnet contained and then told us to write one. So I wrote one about what we had been taught:

At first I state the subject of my rhyme
I make my moan and tell you my complaint
I give a vivid portrait of some crime
Embellished liberally without restraint.
And next I shall upon my point expand
Now grinding all this woe down into grist
I rabbit on about my sad demand
In case thus far my meaning has been missed.
Lo! Here I find myself somewhat remiss
My rhyme lacks stalwarts of this tearful art
To conjure up some imagery of bliss
I mention time and then a body part.
  But now a twist, to show what I'd concealed
  And suddenly true meaning is revealed.

Copyright Jaysen Ollerenshaw 2011. Free use for non-profit purposes.

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