The Lant Roll

This page contains Crispin's transcriptions from Thomas Lant's roll of 57 rounds written in 1580. For ease of use, here they all are in a booklet:

The Lant Roll (MS KC 1) is a collection of 57 rounds gathered by Thomas Lant and recorded on a parchment roll 16 feet long and 3 inches wide.

To my knowledge there has not previously been a transcription available of all of the rounds contained in the Lant Roll, although a selection of those not found in Thomas Ravenscroft's books were included in Jill Vlasto's An Elizabethan Anthology of Rounds. When I emailed off to Kings College Library asking about the roll I was informed that there wasn't a digital copy of the manuscript yet, but they were happy to make one for a fee, thus enabling this present work.

Unfortunately I don't have the rights to make the original images available. However, Kings College Cambridge Library has now put them online, so go check it out!.

Individual Noteworthy format music files:

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