Medieval Mass Music

Plainchant Missa Festivalis

The following "Gregorian chant" melodies for the ordinary of the mass were written by Crispin Sexi. He used these as the tenor line for the 12thC Missa Festivalis.

These files are the second version of Missa Festivalis, made after problems with the words in the first version were pointed out by Dame Alys de Wilton and Rhiannon firch Ivor. Thank you both!

12thC Missa Festivalis

The music here was written by Crispin Sexi to be performed at Rowany Festival at Easter in 2005. This mass is an attempt at organum in the style of Leonin, a master from Natre Dame in the late 12thC, and his students. The tenor line has the words of the ordinary of the mass, set to chant in dorian mode. The descant line is a briskly moving counterpoint against the tenor. Where no words are indicated the singer could sing "Ah" or possibly the same syllable as the tenor line.

Individual works are copyright by Jaysen Ollerenshaw, but permission is granted for non-profit use and redistribution in the SCA.

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