Master Crispin Sexi was laurelled for being a composer. He has written numerous pieces of music in medieval and renaissance styles. Some of his works are to be found here.


These publications are available for sale on market day at Rowany Festival. Or you can email Crispin.

The Red Book of Lochac volumes I and II are collections of music written by citizens of Lochac.

Seven Virtues (2008) is a collection of three-part pavans and galliards in different modes, intended as background music for a feast.

The Fayrest Booke of Madrigals (etc.) (2010) is a selection of 15 Elizabethan-style part songs. You can also purchase the CD of the book, recorded by In Dulci.

In Dulci

Crispin Sexi's Lute Books (2019, 2020) are selections of easy pieces arranged by Crispin.

His Lutebooke   A secund booke

Original Compositions

The music here written in period style comes in various formats. You might need the Noteworthy reader.



Ballads (Oh No!):

Music for Lochac Royalty

Crispin has written a bunch of music to commemorate reigns in the Kingdom of Lochac. Those pieces can be found on the Bardic Guild Website on the "Reigns" page.

Compositional Techniques

Here are some useful articles on composing music.

Die Bassmethode: A system for writing a 16thC bass part.

Mathematical Musick: The Contrapuntal Formula of Dr. Thomas Campion, an article by Jeff Lee.

Two Parts in One: William Bathe's method for writing canon above a ground.

The Eighth Part: A system for 16thC composition for eight or more parts, based on Campion's formula.

Individual works are copyright by Jaysen Ollerenshaw, but permission is granted for non-profit use.

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